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It's good to be Kneaded!

Every massage is completey customized to fit each individuals needs.

30 Minute Massage                                                        $30

Focuses on one specific area of the body.  Perfect for a quick lunch break get away or when you're just short on time.

60 Minute Massage                                                       $55

Our most popular option. Enough time to relax and enjoy a full body massage or focus on one area to really work out the tension.

90 Minute Massage                                                       $75

Sometimes 60 minutes just goes by too fast, a 90 minute massage is great for covering multiple points of tension throughout the entire body

120 Minute Massage                                                     $110

The works! if you don't feel better after 2 need to come in more often.

20 Minute Foot Massage                                             $20

Perfect for Plantar fasciitis, runners, or anyone with feet. Come melt the pain away with hot towels and peppermint foot lotion to soothe and rejuvenate.

60 Minute Prenatal Massage                                     $55

For the mama to be. Regular prenatal massage can reduce emotional and muscular tension, decrease swelling and increase circulation and has been shown to be beneficial during labor and delivery.

30/60/90 Minute Cupping Therapy                $30/$55/$75

For the holistic thinker, this variation of the traditional Chinese fire cupping works wonders for everyone. Heal yourself with redirected blood flow and Qi, or life force.

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